Which spouse you’d choose MongoDB OR MySQL ?

  Hello folks , We are starting our most awaited journey with this Tech blog ,as it has been quite a long time since we hustled about something. Today , our topic of discussion is : Which spouse you want MongoDB OR MySQL ? Let's start with a little flavor of  interaction to both. MongoDB …

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Getting started with MongoDB and PHP on Windows

In this tutorial, we will try to connect MongoDB with PHP and in the end we will check up our complete setup. If you are not aware of MongoDB you may refer to our previous blog on MongoDB: https://internityfoundation.wordpress.com/2018/03/26/which-spouse-youd-choose-mongodb-or-mysql/ The System configuration I used for setup is as follows: Operating System: Windows 10 For PHP and …

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Gurukul Kangri Docker Workshop – Review of Internity !

He guys , here is a very quick update for you. Yesterday we visited one one of the best colleges in Uttarakhand i.e. Gurukul Kangri for delivering a workshop on Introduction to Docker To start with the campus , it was quite good ! There's a  lot of greenery everywhere and it felt like we …

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Emerging Fields In Computer Science

The last decade has seen an unconventional rapid growth in the field of Computer Science. Once considered a specific domain, ‘Computer Science’ is now an umbrella term used to encapsulate multiple domains. The advent in technology, faster processors, terabytes of memory has aided the system’s progression from a data generation source to a data consumable …

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TypeScript : An Introduction

TYPESCRIPT INTRODUCTIONTypescript is the sexiest JavaScript!Typescript gives the privilege to write the code like JAVA or C and compiles into JavaScript code on the fly both on the server side and client side.It was becoming difficult to build large-scale applications using JS, there was a demand for a language which can ease the development of …

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INTRODUCTIONApplication program interface(API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. It specifies how software components should interact. A good API makes it easier to develop a program by providing all the building blocks. A programmer then puts the block together.WHAT IS REST API?REST is any interface between systems using HTTP …

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