How is Internity’s Curriculum Structure different ?

In the previous blog, we laid the emphasis on the benefits which the students can enjoy from Internity. Right from the promise of boost up sessions in the beginning to the live projects in later years, we’ll do it all. For that, we have a curriculum structure which is rolled out in this blog which is focussed on CS/IT streams, as of now and we will soon be coming with the structure for all other streams. The structure has eight levels (plus one extra) aligning with our semester system in engineering.
Level 1:  This is our introductory level. Students can start from here only. We’ll teach you C & Algorithms here.
Level 2:  In this level, you’ll be getting hands on data structures and its implementations. Remember, algorithmic thinking makes good programmers but the best ones are expert in data structures as well. Here, we’ll also introduce you to the slices of web technology.
Level 3:  Here comes the implementation part of the preceding levels. You’ll be doing a project as well as a case study on what you’ve learned till now. Trust me, writing software is real fun.
Level 4:  In this level, we’ll let you know about the different paradigms of programming ranging from structural, object-oriented, functional to natural programming. Here, you’ll also learn about database administration.
Level 5:  This level will teach you various fundamentals aspects of Linux OS. We’ll be doing a project of networking as well. Various research journals would also be made available to you.
Level 6:  Guys, here you will get the exposure, guidance for writing and publishing a research paper of your own. And in Enterprise Level Programming – to get you prepare with the hands on training on standards being followed in Industry.
Level 7:  At this level, you all would be in your final year of engineering. Always, keep in mind, recruiters always think of some extra furor in the candidate. Therefore, we’ll make sure you have practical awareness of latest industry trends such as big data, IoT, machine learning, etc.
Level 8: This is the final level and you all be placed till now, hopefully. Here, we’ll deal with plenty of research papers, work on start up ideas if you have any and also help you in the final year project. We can also work over modern technologies which may reign in the upcoming IT industry.
Level 9: Here, your engineering is over. You have done it all starting from programming to projects and databases to devOps. But wait, We’re still a final touch away. Here, we’ll provide you world class training, make you industry ready and your startups will get their shape in reality. As industry is changing is very fast with daily advents, we need to get it right for you. Just remember, country needs to produce  ‘job creators’ over ‘job seekers’.  
Each level has weekly, monthly and a 3 month task. We’ll be conducting one final test at each level. You’ll be getting Internity credits for your performance in the above which will be used to advance in the next level. Internity will award you with a certificate for passing each level. We are a community and likewise we’ll help you with online tutorials as well in case you face hurdles. If you guys have any doubts, feel free to ask them through comments or through messages on our social media platforms, or mail us at ‘’. Till then,
Keep in touch. Stay Updated.
‘Together We Can’
Team Internity


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