The Hidden Gaps

They : You entered in College with a lot of dreams. How many of them are achieved ?
Me : I didn’t get proper guidance to achieve them

They : You did very good in studies but still not able to implement what you learnt in theory, why ?
Me : I didn’t have proper resources and coaching to implement them in practical

They : You are a good coder but what are you doing in a company that doesn’t have work, worth your skills
Me : I had very less opportunities and i had to secure a job for my family as soon as possible.

They : Ohh, so you want your own name as founder of a millionaire dollar company. Pretty cool, how far have you come to reach your goal ?
Me : I am trying but i don’t know how to do it, from where to start.

Relative, right !!
Each one of us have gone through these questions and the answers are more or less, the same. They are nothing but the “hidden gaps” which never let you complete your success journey and this blog is going to throw some light on these gaps.

The moment you think of an idea and start its execution, you fear of “from where the money will come ?” i.e. the gap of resources, “what will be my parents’ reaction when i will tell them ?” i.e. the gap of resisting changes, “i have my studies/work to do, how will i be able to give time ?” i.e. the gap of time management, “what should be my approach to this ?” i.e. the gap of guidance, “how will i manage my team, i have no experience” creates a gap of leadership and you leave the execution in the middle.

Yes, you already knew all this, then how can they be called as hidden gaps ?
They resist you from achieving your success which makes them gaps and you never get a solution to remove them and always avoid, makes them hidden reasons.

Bravo!! Now we are a step ahead, we know the hidden gaps. It’s time to fill them. HOW ?

We call it “The Honest Commitment” theory.
When we start a task, we give a commitment with a “Yes I will do it” to ourselves and then any question which comes in our way, we have a answer for it.

You think of an idea, you start with a commitment that no matter what, i’ll do it in. The money problem, i’ll solve it using my skills to communicate with them who has money and show them how they will get a huge revenue from my idea and i’ll find a way to approach them as i am committed to my idea. Telling parents, be honest and tell them, ask for a time and show them that you are committed to achieve your goal, you will move forward with their blessings. Time management, that is the piece of cake for you when you are committed as you know the priorities of tasks at different times. Team management, once you are committed, you will make your team committed with love and integrity.
And, any other obstacle comes, you will have a answer and the ultimate success.

Share your views regarding the hidden gaps, you faced and the solutions you found 🙂

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