Time – key to success

We appreciate you for the “Time” you are going to spend on reading this blog. This blog is all about why we are focusing on this word is because how you will be successful.

We guess most of you want to be successful and you must be knowing what its like to be touching the failures in life. This blog is not going to discuss what exactly is the definition of time, but it’s more of a concern that ‘are we utilizing it the way we should’, are we hearing a “no”? We just heard you whispering a “no”. We at Internity believe that time is the most important factor for being a person of success. We believe in time management and we want you to believe the same, because if you move along with us putting a management of time as the tool for your daily working areas, you will definitely get into the doors of your vision. We are putting this blog to get an idea how we work at Internity to create a personality which can conquer the competitive world living aside.

Let’s focus on the deal we have, Time. Let’s go through a live example we dealt with, there was a person in our team who has skills, passion to thrive, can conquer the world, carry out his vision but he was lacking behind all these just because he forgot the most important factor, time. We were giving him the tasks, deadlines but he chose to do it late just because he was never managing those things in a way they should. What made him realize this when he got failed to carry out a campaign he was assigned to. He then realized that If I would have maintained my timeline of my tasks I do in my daily life, this might not have happened. And yes, he was right, you don’t have to spend a penny for this, you just have to go through the needs you have, the workloads you can manage, the bottlenecks that’s coming around, once you list them all, you will find a clear timeline for all the task that you carry out.

“Practice makes a man perfect”, the saying exists and works best for the purpose, once you start
practicing to be on the timeline you decided, even you yourself cannot let you to see backward in life,
that’s our bet on you. We recently started hiring interns and we are getting great responses from people around and we promise you to serve the best ever guidance which can lead you to an amazing future but what we need from you is a promise to practice the time management, if you make that happen, we’ll make sure that nothing comes as a hurdle in your life.

Hope you had a happy reading experience, will catch you soon.

-Swapnil Kumar


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