Importance of Coaching and Being Coachable

Its been almost 4 months of Internity, and we are ready to launch with Internship in June. We have been getting calls and messages from our dear fellows as how different is this internship,
will we be benefited out of it etc. Back of my mind, a thought always strikes, we are new in this field which already is on its maturity with various sources of learning available online and offline.
All these questions become very valid ones, and obviously all those who’ve joined us will be having a huge trust on us. So this blog brings an aspect of Internity offerings to provide a life altering experience to our interns.
Internity believes in coaching model, and hence internship is an offering to bring forth the importance of coaching and how being coachable can transform lives of our young fellows.
Two days ago, a movie got released on a man’s life who united the entire nation with his game. ‘Sachin – A Billion Dreams’. We all know the great man, and the miracles he did.
He too thanked his coach Ramakant Achrekar for all the practice in structure and environment he provided to him. We also saw ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’, where Milkha Singh even after having so many
achievments worked with his coach till the end. Even in our holy books, there is a saying that a Coach(Guru) has a highest stature in a person’s life.
Now, you all must be wondering why coaching model in internship, when so many learning sources are available with classroom offerings, online tutorials etc. Effective Learning requires a structure, 
Our internship provides a structured learning so that an intern generates an efficient output, and our coaching model provides that same structure to the interns, where every intern is
having a coach.
A coaching model is one of the best mechanism of effective and transformative learning, where a coach makes his student to inquire on why, what & how? analogy, by providing an environment to 
the student to play fullout, so that the best effort can be generated. A coach can alter lives of people he’s coaching, like Gary Kirsten provided coaching to Indian Cricket Team
and took them to No. 1 spot in all formats of the game. A coach is not one who gives solutions, he lets you inquire deep into the problem and make you generate the solution for that problem
by providing scenarios. 
As we all know that for making things work a two way approach is required, so even though coaches are important, for interns, Being Coachable is most important to get the best out of 
coaching model. Being Coachable only means ‘Doing what your coach says to do’. Sachin Tendulkar, Milkha Singh, Usain Bolt all were coachable and hence caused miracles, they did what their
coach asked them to do. At times, there will be regrets, complaints etc. due to the work, but its all for your betterment, coaches only have a commitment to transform your life.
Few days ago, I came across a video where a speaker was talking about Mental Strength and Self-Belief. A coach is a commited listener who enhances self-belief and mental strength. 
At the same time, being coachable brings this into our life and this makes us unstoppable.
I know it is getting a bit longer, but I want to ask a query, as why do all goverment leaders, organisations, NGO’s have advisory boards?
Just to bring their work into the structure, these advisors are like coaches to coach on where things are lagging. 
You can now count on us, we are providing a ‘Tried and Tested’ approach.
Want to experience, Join us..!!
Till then Happy Reading..!!
Rishab Ilwadi

2 thoughts on “Importance of Coaching and Being Coachable

  1. In the education system in India where the access to education and opportunities are not evenly distributed, we need a transformative structure. Hope this is one of the many steps towards it.


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