TypeScript : An Introduction


Typescript is the sexiest JavaScript!

Typescript gives the privilege to write the code like JAVA or C and compiles into JavaScript code on the fly both on the server side and client side.

It was becoming difficult to build large-scale applications using JS, there was a demand for a language which can ease the development of components in JS. Thus Typescript Originated! It was first made public in October 2012 after two years of internal development at Microsoft.


Typescript is a  strict superset of JavaScript (ECMAScript 5 ). A JavaScript program is a valid Typescript program.
With Typescript it is possible to use existing JavaScript code along with its libraries.
Typescript comes with many advantages over JavaScript :
  • It is purely Object Oriented Programming having support for adding classes and modules
  • Modules in Typescript are very useful in organizing code with which large scale application development becomes easy.
  • Can be used for client side and server side development
  • It includes Static Type Checking
  • Has a “compiler” for converting the code into JavaScript
  • It follows EcmaScript 6 proposals

Below is a code snippet showing the difference between a Typescript and a JavaScript code :

Angular 2 uses Typescript as the major tool for application development as it provides advanced autocompletion, navigation, and refactoring which is very much essential in developing large scale apps . Moreover it attracts many object oriented programmers to write large scale appliation codes !
Other than angular 2 many other technologies also take benefit of Typescript :

  • React
  • Node JS (Express + MongoDB + Typescript)
  • ASP .Net Core
  • React Native
  • Vue.js
  • Glimmer (component library with Typescript support)
  • WeChat
  • Dojo 2
  • Knokout

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