Internity at Empressario 2018

Hey Guys ,
This had been a great week so far.
Learned a lot ! Slept like nothing ! Won arguments ! lost some But most of all won a lot of hearts 🙂

An update from our side . We presented one of our products in Empressario 2018 in Product and Services track . We wanted to share our knowledge and our experience with you so that we can enroll maximum of you guys  to take part in such events and to just stop what you are doing and think about your startup idea that you are planning to execute for a very long time and not starting it because of money issues, time issues, relationship issues etc.

This time we are gonna talk about Empressario , it is the annual business model competition organized by Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur in association with International Business Model Competition (IBMC).

This competition is solely on the Business Model Canvas and test your skills of how you can put your whole business on a single piece of paper so that the person who looks at it can understand your whole business in a single go !

One of our products that incubated inside the Startup Incubation Programme was  fortunate enough to be selected into the finals and we competed with one of the best minds of India. The organizers were superb  and the teams were full of passion same as us. We talked to a lot of teams networked with them . It was a superb event overall from the venue to the judges and teams.

We will be running a series of blogs on Business Model Canvas, what is it and how to built it and we hope you can find something interesting so stay tuned.

Last but not the least here are some snaps from the event , venue , teams .The team members aged from 17 to 76 years and it felt great to be a part of such a competition. Take a look and get motivated. We hope to see you all in the next finals !

If you have any questions related to this !

Please comment ping us on twitter : @internity_learn

Stay tuned for our series of blogs on Business Model Canvas. !

Thanks 🙂


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