Gurukul Kangri Docker Workshop – Review of Internity !

He guys , here is a very quick update for you.
Yesterday we visited one one of the best colleges in Uttarakhand i.e. Gurukul Kangri for delivering a workshop on Introduction to Docker
To start with the campus , it was quite good ! There’s a  lot of greenery everywhere and it felt like we eloped in a totally parallel universe …

The faculty is quite overwhelming. They took care of almost everything from food-ing to lodging !  Almost everything …

We started the workshop in College at around 11:00. And we immediately made the connection with the students.

In the whole session we explained about what is Internity ? What we are doing ? And how we are doing it ? And addressed some very good questions from the students.

After a brief introduction we quickly jumped on to the Docker. !

We explained them what is it ? and why it is being rapidly adapted in the industry.

Here are the slides..

After the explanation , we provided the hands-on experience to the students to try their hands on Docker.

  1. Students installed docker
  2. Created a docker image.
  3. Deployed it on local.
  4. Pushed same image on Heroku.

After some little hiccups.. it worked ! ! Which really made them Awed !


This is the feedback that we got from the Students :

The student that we addressed were divided into these category




Screenshot from 2018-03-30 00-19-18

Screenshot from 2018-03-30 00-19-08

And last but not the least , where they all agreed unanimously..

Screenshot from 2018-03-30 00-19-26

This shows the love that we got from the students from Gurukul Kangri College !

We are really looking forward to get more registrations for Summer internship and ISA from Gurukul !

We are trying to disrupt this space-time continuum with our hard work and dedication !
If you can help us out in any way !
Please do contact us here :

If you are a student and want us to conduct such workshop in your college . Please do ping us on Facebook or on our website ,we will try our best to fulfill it out.

One more thing for students.
Students  who want to become voice of Internity in their College , do visit our campaign
Internity Student Ambassador

I hope we get more and more registrations for both of our Programs.

Last but not the least, Some cool snaps from the Workshop:

See you till next update ! Till then keep reading .


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