Gurukul Kangri Docker Workshop – Review of Internity !

He guys , here is a very quick update for you. Yesterday we visited one one of the best colleges in Uttarakhand i.e. Gurukul Kangri for delivering a workshop on Introduction to Docker To start with the campus , it was quite good ! There's a  lot of greenery everywhere and it felt like we …

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Dear Readers, Have you ever contemplated, what will you doing when you come out of your education? Have you ever thought about what your passion for life is? Or have you sacrificed your innate desire for want of a more “settled” life ahead because you have responsibilities of your family on your shoulders? Whatever the case …


Time – key to success

We appreciate you for the "Time" you are going to spend on reading this blog. This blog is all about why we are focusing on this word is because how you will be successful.We guess most of you want to be successful and you must be knowing what its like to be touching the failures …

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